RSlondonSE 2020
Feb 11, 2020
Rich FitzJohn
1 minute read

Last Thursday, almost all of RESIDE went to RSLondonSE, a small and friendly one-day meeting of RSEs.

We presented two posters - in the first we outline the basic idea behind three common JavaScript frameworks (Angular, React and Vue.js) and reasons for choosing one over another. We will rework this poster as a more detailed blog post or article and also as a standalone seminar later this year.

In the other poster, we present the ideas behind our Naomi project, where we developed a pattern for exposing research software “as a service” using HTTP APIs and a modern web front end (written in Vue.js amongst other things). We think this is a general pattern, though most of the software for Naomi is bespoke.

There were lots of other great talks, with this year much more Python than Fortran, and more Machine Learning than HPC. A hightlight was multiple people discussing the ethical side of machine learning and approaches for securely working with sensitive data.

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