spud 0.1.7

  • Folders now expose a public readonly field site and path (reside-200)

spud 0.1.6

  • Add a delete method to folders (reside-205)

spud 0.1.5

  • Rename package to spud (Sharepoint upload & download) (reside-191)

pointr 0.1.4

  • Support for listing subdirectories (reside-161)

pointr 0.1.3

  • Support for creating folders (reside-160)

pointr 0.1.2

  • Allow caching of authentication data between sessions by saving cookies to disk (reside-155)

pointr 0.1.1

  • Downloading files can overwrite existing files (overwrite = TRUE) and can return raw bytes rather than files (dest = raw()) (reside-159)

pointr 0.1.0

  • New sharepoint_folder class for simple operations with files (download, upload, list)

pointr 0.0.4

  • Added a NEWS.md file to track changes to the package.
  • In sharepoint_download() the default tempfile for save_path inherits the file extension from sharepoint_path.
  • Add a default tempfile for save_path argument of pointr$download().