Generate random identifiers in a number of styles:

  • random ids of any number of bytes, such as 31f6d556fe2b303c
  • UUIDs using the uuid package, such as 4f0efabf-0375-4a08-89ea-b8f162f07c44
  • human readable identifiers in the style <adjective>_<animal> (following, such as misanthropic_lungfish
  • human readable identifiers in the style of a sentence (following Asana, such as 33_enormous_chinchillas_tumbling_elegantly
  • proquint (“PRO-nouncable QUINT-uplet”) idenfiers such as dizuz-soboz (which can be convereted to an integer such as 40,2638,895)

These can all be tweaked with options for length, words that are used, and the case that joins words. There is a function ids for creating your own human readable identifiers.


Install this package from CRAN

or install the development version with

remotes::install_github("reside-ic/ids", upgrade = FALSE)